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A poem a day keeps the ignorance away

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I received  this letter from Leonard Cohen back in the year 2000. And back in 1997 I was in a contest in the UK and had an exhibition and reading in Copenhagen.

It all starts with a vision
When you live your life with intuition

Take the crystal in your hand
Dare to go to unknown land

Just be open and in the flow
Your wisdom will show you how to grow.

Jette Bilberg Lauritsen (c) April 2016.

This poem was my contribution to the International Best Seller book “My Creative Thoughts”:

The human emotions
Attachment and desire
Can quickly put
Your world on fire.

You feel and you act
And oh what a drama.
It surely accumulates
Your personal karma.

Keep in mind
All your actions
Have consequence.

Today we are here
For all to see
Tomorrow it is just
a memory.

Jette Bilberg Lauritsen ©

Kære Jette

Det er så inspirerende at besøg din hjemmeside og se hvad du laver !! Glæder mig også til at læse flere af dine digte, fantastisk at du giver dine store gaver til os andre!! Kh og alt godt, Alex Husum

Do it now

Check your mind thoroughly
your reaction in a situation
it is here that you can see
that the answer is meditation.

Build the habit of practice now
ever moment will then make you a winner.
It will make you fine and strong,
and obstacles weaker and thinner.

When we again are left
to the wind of our karma
it’s too late to form a habit
if the agenda says thunder and drama.

Jette Lauritsen © 


Now and forever  
time flies as if it had feathers.
Use your now caring and wise,
past, present and future is now in disguise.

Jette Lauritsen ©
(Written now :))

To all of you who read Danish

I mit sind der er dit billede
lige så smukt som vårens skov.
I mit hjerte har jeg stillet
dit portræt imens du sov.

Lige så stille og uskyldigt
ligger du og er perfekt.Evigheden den er gyldig,
du er både mand og knægt.

Bag de øjenlåg der er lukket
er en evighed i blå.
Og den ild bliver aldrig slukket
selv når tiden går i stå.

Jette Bilberg Lauritsen ©

Kære Jette

Jeg har jo tidligere læst nogle af dine digte på Go-Cards og synes at de er gode og rammer noget i mig.
Kh Hanne Grøndahl

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