An evening with Jette Bilberg Lauritsen

Lecture or mini-workshop
An evening with Jette Bilberg Lauritsen is more than just sitting and listening.

“Intuition – from Lyngby to Los Angeles”
In this lecture Jette talks about how to use your intuition consciously and how she dared to fly with the butterflies in the belly.  The gift is  small and large experiences.

This is for you if

  • Learn to tune into your intuition
  • How it feels when you are on the right path
  • Your magical experiences – recognize them and remember them
  • A good and recent example is that Jette enter a contest and is suddenly on her way to Los Angeles as a participant in the EIPPY Award show.

Using your intuition, both privately and professionally can provide many enriching experiences. Once you are aware of it, you have an excellent tool both for yourself and the people you surround yourself with home and at work.
Time frame:  1 hour. Let’s find a date.

The Crystal Energy
In the interactive lecture “crystals Energy”, participants will experience

  • Play with and brand (or teach you) fluctuations
  • Choosing crystals for themselves and others
  • Understanding how a crystal reading is done and how it can transform the habits we’d like to change

Crystals and energy is not so strange anymore. In the early days of radio, it was called a crystal radio, because it used crystals.

Today, we know from the experiments they make in CERN ( that everything is energy and therefore may affect us.

We can work consciously with crystals in many ways. A tangible tool when we want to implement a change in our lives.

Time frame for this mini-workshop:1.5 hours – let’s find a date.