About Jette Bilberg Lauritsen

A selection of Jette Bilberg Lauritsens post cards with English poems.
A selection of Jette Bilberg Lauritsens post cards with English poems.

International Best Selling Author & Award winner
With my contribution to “My Creative Thoughts” in 2015 I became International Best Selling Author and Award winner. I was celebrated in Los Angeles, USA in October 2015. Here you can see more about this amazing event and here are pictures of some of the celebrities I met.

I was inducted into Best Selling Authors International and here you can see my page .

A new book coming up
As a natural consequence of the book project, I decided to write about the adventure it has been, to follow my intuition that started with a click on the computer, to stand on the red carpet in Los Angeles and receive a Book Award and being a star – in just 7 months. Not to brag, but to show that it can be done by anyone, if you use the methods that I share in the book and in my workshops. The book “Intuition – How do you create magic in everyday life” is scheduled for publication in early 2017.

Are you ready to live your dreams, so contact me for a strategy session so we can find out, what is right for you.

With my background in sales and marketing, I have also many good, basic tips on how an author can develop his/her platform. I have worked for many years as coordinator where jobs has spread from selling lecturers to keep track of all bits and pieces in relation to major conferences. Today I work in lobby organization.

My way into the world of poetry
I have written poems for many years –  about 40.
I started writing in my mother tongue, Danish, and in the years that followed I composed, among other pieces of work, countless party songs for every occasion.
This is a typical Danish tradition, every life celebration is accompanied by at least one song. An unending number of weddings, christenings, birthdays and so on – I have written to all of them.

On the page A poem a day keeps the ignorance away you can find several poems in both English and Danish.


Song writer

Later I also had the pleasure to write lyrics for songs in English. Two of them have appeared on “Dancing across the Moon” by Charly Nice.

I still enjoy writing to music, so if you need a song writer – why not contact me and see what we can create together.

Going international
Later I began to write in English, it came naturally, so it had to be tested. In 1997, I participated, through a magazine “Cosmopolitan” in a competition in England. The advertisment said that all entries would be judged. So I sent the poem “The Mirror of Eternity”. I reached a semi-final place – and I was bursting with pride. The final would take place in Washington D.C., USA.
The next chapter in the story is that I was nominated for “Poet of the Year International”.

“Poetry Hall of Fame” in the US
It was a great experience to travel to Washington D.C., USA and participate in the event. I was inducted into the “Poetry Hall of Fame” and at the gala dinner, Johnny Cash and June Carter entertained us.
There were also various workshops, so there was plenty to do. My poem was printed in the book “Awaken to a Dream”.

About my publications in general
My poems are published in Danish in Denmark, in English in England, United States and Germany and translated to Spanish in Spain and Central & South America.

  • Anthologies, magazines and postcards have been the way forward.
  • I have held several exhibitions / readings of my poems in Denmark and Sweden, known under the title “Poems on the Wall.”
  • A series of my postcards were used as fundraising for a project for a Buddhist center in southern Spain.